I’m Nenad Leonart, and I’ll elevate your life.

Empowering you to realize your potential, I specialize in a coaching approach designed to unlock your Greatest Self.

Facilitate Authenticity

The Exaltify approach is rooted in proven methods that help you overcome obstacles, self-sabotage, and anxiety, unlocking unparalleled levels of confidence, charisma, and well-being in your life.

Elevating Potential

Rise above the constraints of fear and low self-confidence. Nenad's transformational approach elevates your innate potential, fostering a resilient mindset and a charismatic presence that commands every room.

Nurturing Excellence

Exaltify.me is devoted to cultivating the exceptional within each individual, providing superior, transformative coaching journeys aimed at raising your personal and professional life to extraordinary heights of success and satisfaction.

Craft Your Own Destiny

Navigate through life’s challenges with Nenad and be the main hero of your own stories. Develop unwavering ease and a captivating aura, becoming the person you were meant to be.​

My story

From a young age, I have been fascinated by the boundless potential residing within, waiting to be unlocked and embraced. My journey began when I was fifteen, reading a book on social anxiety. Soon this turned into a relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding, exploring the depths of human psychology, behavior, and the underlying factors that shape our perceptions and actions.

Growing up, I observed people around me, witnessing the different ways in which they navigated their lives, their struggles, their triumphs. It became evident that many were entangled in invisible chains, hindered by self-doubt, anxiety, and self-imposed limitations. I also saw these things in myself too. This realization ignited a flame within me, a burning desire to break free from all internal shackles and step into the light, to live a life filled with confidence, happiness, and fulfillment.

Many many years later, Exaltify.me was born, a beacon of transformation and empowerment, where my mission is to guide you on a journey to your most exalted self. My approach is deeply rooted in proven methods, meticulously developed through years of study, research, and hands-on experience. I have had the privilege of working with a diverse array of individuals, each with their unique challenges, aspirations, and visions. The journey of each person I’ve coached has enriched my understanding and honed my ability to facilitate meaningful, lasting change.


Why exaltify.me

The methods used in this transformative coaching experience are only techniques that are proven to give you exceptional results. Some of them might be a few thousand years old, some others have been recently discovered by leading scientists. They have been passed on to me by other transformative coaches for whom I hold the utmost respect and admiration.

I strongly believe that only a deep understanding of human nature is the way to truly create lasting change.

Exaltify.me stands for facilitating personal evolution and ascending to new heights.

These values are deeply rooted in the meaning of the word »exalted«.

As an adjective, it means: (1) at a high or powerful level, (2) of a noble, elevated, or lofty nature, or (3) in a state of extreme happiness. As a verb, to exalt means to: (1) think or speak very highly of [someone or something], (2) raise to a higher rank or position, or (3) make noble in character; dignify.

So at its core, Exaltify.me is the process of elevating your life and your future to your Highest Self. It’s as simple as that.

With Exaltify.me, the focus is not merely on overcoming your personal obstacles but also on nurturing excellence along the way. It’s about elevating every aspect of your being to new heights. Whether you seek personal evolution or an enhanced quality of life, I am here to support you, to be your companion on this transformative journey. Together, we will explore the depths of your psyche, uncover your dormant potentials, and construct a roadmap to a life of fulfillment, achievement, and self-mastery. My commitment to you is unwavering. I bring to you not just my knowledge and skills but my passion, my dedication, and my genuine desire to see you flourish. I believe in the power of human connection, in the transformative energy that flows when minds and hearts align in pursuit of a shared vision. Join me at Exaltify.me, and let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together. Let’s uncover the treasures within you, let’s build bridges to your dreams, and let’s illuminate the world with your newfound brilliance. Your journey to excellence starts here, and I am honored to be a part of it. Welcome to a world where your true self awaits, where your essence is nurtured, and where your every step is a dance of freedom and joy. Welcome to Exaltify.me.